Owner's Vehicle Insurance and Protection Program

Protect Your Vehicle.

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Choose the insurance that's right for you. Different levels of insurance provide different levels of protection*.
Purchase a policy with commercial protection and we'll help you cover the cost by giving you a discount on your SKRT Platform Fees, or start renting right away using just your compulsory insurance.

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Compulsory Insurance

All vehicles must have compulsory insurance as required by Taiwan law.

This is the cheapest option and protects third parties against injuries up to NT $2.2 million

Use your existing compulsory insurance
Upload proof of insurance in your Vehicle Manager
SKRT Platform Fee: 20%

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Commercial Insurance

Protect your vehicle and your guests.

Get reimbursed for vehicle damage. Includes the base protections of the compulsory insurance. We'll help you offset the cost by giving you a discount on SKRT Platform Fees for the entire time your policy is in effect.

Contact our supplier on LINE or choose your own
Upload proof of your commercial policy in your Vehicle Manager
SKRT Platform Fee: 8%**

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Want to learn about vehicle insurance in Taiwan?

We wrote an in-depth article - it's worth checking out.

A Guide to Scooter Insurance

*  SKRT is not an insurance company and does not directly provide insurance. As stipulated by Taiwan law, we cannot direcly recommend a specific insurance policy.
**  Discounts for purchasing a commercial policy are in effect while the policy is valid, including policies already purchased before joining SKRT.