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Create your very own business on SKRT, Taiwan's largest peer-to-peer vehicle sharing platform.
With SKRT you can monetize your vehicle's idle time. Take it further and SKRT can help you scale up a fleet of vehicles with attractive yields greater than a traditional 9-5 job income.
Add your vehicle to the SKRT network and start scaling your business today!

Start a business that is...

Easy To Scale

       SKRT team members can start small by sharing their personal vehicles to cover the cost of the vehicle itself or invest profits into increasing the size of the fleet, it's all up to you, boss! The type of vehicle, size of fleet and location of the fleet all factor into the degree of profitability of your business and figuring that out is part of the fun building on SKRT.

Easy to Access

       While not everyone has the money to pay rent for a rental shop, almost every person in Taiwan owns a scooter. With just one scooter you can start your rental business without the need to bear the reoccurring costs of paying rent at a physical shop location. This is the beauty of technology and what makes SKRT so cool. Start small, grow big.

Extremely Flexible

       Want to work weekends only? You got it! Vehicle owners on the SKRT network determine their own schedule and set their own prices. With no membership fees, you can work as much or as little as you’d like. You are in control!

Serves a Need

       Rental shops are only situated in central locations - SKRT allows vehicles to be listed anywhere and customers to book any time. During weekends and holidays, rental shops are commonly completely out of inventory. This is an opportunity for you to profit from the excess demand.

How much can I earn on SKRT?

That's a great question! Below you will find the average annual incomes based on real income examples of real people using SKRT.
NT$ 99,070
Average annual income of 1 listed vehicle.
NT$ 300,345
Average annual income of 3 listed vehicles.
NT$ 500,878
Average annual income of 5 listed vehicles.
NT$ 700,581
Average annual income of 7 listed vehicles.
NT$ 900,325
Average annual income with a fleet of 9 listed vehicles.
If you have a scooter sitting around doing nothing, this is how much money you could be passing up!

SKRT has the tools and the system to support your business.

Customers are pre-screened

       You can relax knowing that the SKRT system makes sure the identities of customers are verified. All drivers must have the required driving documents to rent on SKRT.

Marketing support

       Vehicle owners on the SKRT network can expect to have a team dedicated to marketing their vehicles through the SKRT website, blog, social media pages and targeted marketing campaign efforts. We don’t sleep until your idle vehicle is earning money!

Customer service

       Both travelers and vehicle owners have support from the SKRT customer service team if any issues present themselves along the journey. Our dedicated customer service staff is here to help you make sure you have a smooth, some may even say rad experience.

Access to Insurance

       SKRT has access to a wonderful team of insurance representatives that have robust insurance options available for vehicle owners on the SKRT network.

Robust Web APP

       SKRT team members have access to the tools built into the easy to use SKRT web APP that provides statistical analysis of rentals that can help you create the most efficient business possible. The SKRT tech team is constantly improving the web experience and with the help of your feedback we can create an even easier to use platform that will continue to evolve and grow into an even more potent tool.

Meet Saar, a SKRT success story.

       Across the world we see an archetype of immigrant entrepreneur that leaves the comfort of their home to embark on a journey towards financial freedom in a foreign land. This is Saar, he left his home land of Israel to build a food and beverage business in Taipei. His grit and determination has fueled a successful vegetarian restaurant in Taipei called "Falafel King"; some say it's the best falafel in the country! Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, once Saar heard about SKRT he thought, "why not share my scooter while at work and earn some extra income on the side?" Saar did just that, and has been able to earn up to NT$ 9,000 per month sharing his SYM - enough to cover the costs of renting his room in Taipei. Saar is able to drastically reduce the cost of his living by sharing his scooter on SKRT. Are you ready to be like Saar and become financially independent and live on your own terms? Start by listing your scooter and join the SKRT community today!

Cost of Buying a House vs Cost of Buying a Scooter in Taiwan

       The average price of a home in Taipei is up to NT$ 25 Million. This is unattainable for the average person considering the minimum wage is only NT$ 25,000 per month. Even with the high valuations of the average home in Taipei, the average rental income for a one bedroom is only around NT$ 23,840. That means even if you could afford to buy a home in Taipei, it would take over 87 years of rental income to pay back the original investment.

       Now consider the case of buying a scooter. A new scooter ranges in price from NT$ 30,000 to 60,000 at an average of NT$ 45,000. A new scooter on the rental market can earns an average of NT$ 550 per day. That means that a scooter utilized on the rental market for just 15 days per month can earn NT$ 8,250 per month or NT$ 99,000 per year, making for a very attractive return on investment! This of course becomes especially intriguing when compared to high cost and minimal returns of the housing rental market.

       In less than a year, your scooter can pay for itself on the rental market.

       Did somebody say free scooter?

       Once the scooter is paid for, just sit back and collect all profits on your initial investment and decide when is the best time to sell your scooter or just keep raking in those rental yields.

Still need a reason to join the SKRT team?! Look at our mascot Freshie, isn’t he cute AF?! Doesn’t he look like he’s having a blast?! Yeah he does! You will too once those rental income starts flowing. So what are you waiting for? Get your scooter listed on SKRT right meow!

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