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The owner of the vehicle decides the deposit amount. If there is a deposit:
  • We will refund the deposit when your rental ends, except:
  • NT$ 5000 will be held to cover traffic violations and damage. This will be refunded after 60 days.
  • Traffic violations and vehicle damage will be deducted from the deposit.
  • If the rental is cancelled before it begins, the deposit is automatically refunded.
Yes, you need a valid local driver's license to borrow a vehicle. If you want to ride in a different country from where your license was issued, you'll need an International Driver's Permit.
Vehicles should be legally parked at all times. In Taiwan, scooter parking is marked by a white rectangular box.
Vehicles must be legally parked within 500 meters from where your rental started. If you are giving the keys directly to the owner, coordinate with them on the exact meeting place. If you are using a lockbox, a map will appear showing the acceptable parking area when you end your trip.
  • Park (legally!) within the return radius near the return station.
  • Click "End Rental" on your "My Rentals" Page.
  • Using the GPS on your phone, mark the exact location of where you parked.
  • Snap a photo of your parking spot, and optionally snap a few of the scooter's condition.
  • Complete the return process, then leave a rating.
In Person: Coordinate with the owner on when and where to meet.
Remote: You will receive a code to unlock the keys after you locate the scooter and begin your rental.
The majority of left turns made at traffic lights are not allowed. To turn left, one must wait in the white box drawn on the right side of an intersection. To see a visual representation, click the link below.
No, turning right while at a traffic light is on red is illegal in Taiwan.
Riders are required to leave the vehicle with a full tank of gas for the next rider.
When you start your trip, the vehicle will have sufficient engine oil. If your trip is greater than 900km, or you plan to travel through mountainous terrain, please change the oil. Breakdowns that result from failing to do so will not be covered by SKRT or the vehicle owner.
  • The rider of the vehicle will be responsible for paying any fines or infractions acquired throughout the rental duration, plus a nominal processing fee.
  • The rider is also responsible for any parking tickets, including ones acquired from illegally parking during drop-off. If you see a parking ticket on the scooter during your rental, please pay it immediately and report the ticket through the "My Rentals" Page to avoid additional fees.
We strongly discourage late returns, as this may affect the next user of the vehicle. Therefore, after a 30 minute grace period, we impose a NT$ 150 automatic fee, plus 1.5x hourly rate for each additional hour until the scooter is returned.
The prices of vehicles are set directly by the owner, and will vary depending on rental time, the type of scooter, etc.
Average costs are:
  • NT$ 50 / hour
  • NT$ 600 / day
SKRT is the first true P2P vehicle sharing platform in Asia. There are several areas which make us unique.
  • Price: Owners set the pricing. In most cases, SKRT will be cheaper than the competition, especially on longer rentals.
  • Variety: We will add as many types of scooters as we can find. Big engines, electrics, classics, cool colors. If you just want the simplest option to take you from A to B, we have that too.
  • Environmental: Other 'sharing' platforms only let you rent their private scooters. Why introduce massive new fleets when there is already ample supply? We believe we should use what we already have. It's better for the Earth.
  • Community: P2P means you are renting from another person. Your money supports someone in the local community. We encourage talking to your rental owner, they may have tips on places to go.
  • Location: We are a young company with a big vision. Wherever there are idle scooters, we can expand. Currently we are only available in select cities in Taiwan, but we plan to cover the entire island and other countries across SEA. Sign up once and you can ride wherever we go - no other service can offer this.
In compliance with the law, all vehicles on the road (not just SKRT) must be registered and obtain compulsory 3rd party liability insurance.
All vehicle owners are responsible for acquiring compulsory 3rd party insurance. This protects other people in the event of an accident. Commercial property insurance for your scooter is available and must be purchased separately. SKRT can assist in providing this through our insurance partners.
All scooters in Taiwan are required to have 3rd party insurance, which is still in effect even during commercial activity. While very few scooters have damage insurance (i.e., in the event of a crash), these policies often have restrictions on commercial use. SKRT offers options to acquire this additional insurance using our business entity.
Owners of newer vehicles can purchase additional insurance against the depreciated value of their scooter. SKRT charges the rider for any outstanding damages.
SKRT pays out twice a month, using direct bank transfer. You can set this up on the "Payouts" Page in your account, under "Payout Methods".
SKRT will work with the owner to provide assistance to the rider. Repair costs are the responsibility of the owner if the breakdown is due to mechanical or maintenance issues.
Currently, all rentals on SKRT are round-trip, so your scooter will be returned near the station it was picked up at. If the rider is returned late, we charge a late return fee which is shared with you. If the rider steals the vehicle or leaves it in a different location, we use the rider's identification to work with local authorities, and their payment information to help you cover all damages and costs.
All claims (unpaid tickets, damage, etc) are submitted in the same place. In your Rentals Overview Page, locate the rental and click 'Report Issue'. Fill in all details and upload any supporting photos, and our team will process it immediately.
Vehicle owners can set their own price, including flexible options such as hourly, daily, short term etc. rates. SKRT receives a 20% commission on completed rentals. Otherwise, SKRT is free.
SKRT offers multiple advantages which makes our platform a great deal.
  • Full legal team with an ironclad rental agreement.
  • Secure credit card capture for all transactions.
  • Known identity for all owners and riders.
  • Tracking down and recovery of damages on your behalf.
  • Coordination of roadside assistance anywhere in Taiwan.
  • Marketing and a centralized marketplace for your vehicle.
We strive to provide great service to our rider's and our owner's. We handle all the hassle of renting, so you can enjoy your life while your scooter earns for you.
  • Complete your on-boarding process in your Account Page
  • In the Vehicle Manager, click on Add New Scooter
  • Upload details, photos of your scooter, and required ownership documents
  • Once your scooter is verified, use the Vehicle Manager to complete listing your vehicle
  • Set daily, hourly, and weekly pricing.
  • Leave a note for riders to see when they pick up your vehicle.
  • Upload the publicly viewable photos of your scooter.
  • Configure key exchange.
  • Set exact pick-up location.
  • Set which dates your scooter is available.
  • Set the earliest and latest time for pick-up and drop-off.
  • Maintain vehicle service history and address any issues.
  • The rider of the vehicle will be responsible for paying any fines or infractions acquired throughout the rental duration.
  • The rider is also responsible for any parking tickets, including ones acquired from illegally parking during drop-off.
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