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How SKRT works

Find your vehicle
Browse by location and date and find exactly what you're looking for.
Book your trip
Pay and confirm your trip all online, then get the keys from the owner, a lockbox, or select vehicle delivery for even more convenience! Cancel for free up to 24 hours before your booking starts.
Drive your scooter where and when you want, just like it's yours.

Why ride with SKRT?


Owners set the prices of their vehicles, and you rent directly from them. In most cases, you'll find SKRT to be a cheaper and better option than anywhere else, especially for longer trips.


You'll find all types of scooters on SKRT. Big engines, electric vehicles, classics, cool colors. If you just want the simplest option, we have that too.


SKRT is the first P2P vehicle sharing company to launch in Asia. We don't have our own fleet - we use the existing supply already on the road. Sharing with other owners is better for the environment and your wallet.


We're a young company willing to try something daring and new and we hope you will embark with us. Wherever there are idle scooters, we can expand. Sign up once and you can ride wherever we go.

Ready. Set. SKRT.

With one of the largest supplies of scooters in the world and a culture that embraces new ideas, Taiwan is the perfect place to start.

SKRT Rider's Guide

New Riders

Before your first rental

Sign Up

To book a rental, you will need to sign up for an account with SKRT. Don't worry, it's free and takes less than a minute.

You can use your Facebook, Google, or email to log in.

If you use a Social account to log in, we will need an active email address - that's how we will send your booking confirmation and any messages from the owner.

Upload your documents

Before you drive off into the sunset, you'll need to upload a few personal documents.  You only need to upload these once.

*You only need these items if you want to drive in a different country than your home country.

When you log in for the first time, we'll take you to our handy document upload wizard.

You can upload your documents later at any time from the My Account page.

You can also have the owner scan your documents for you at your first rental - but we recommend doing it in advance to make pick-up easier.

Create your profile

It's a good idea to provide your phone number in case the owner needs to contact you quickly.

You can set a profile picture, control how your name is displayed and what contact information we display from the My Profile page.

When you make a booking, we'll share your profile with the owner.

Add payment information

You can add your payment information in the Payments page. You can also do this when you make your first booking.

SKRT requires a credit card in your name for all transactions.

Credit cards are automatically saved for future use using a secure token system. For details on how we keep your information safe, read our Security Policy.

Booking a rental

Time to ride!

Select your vehicle

Browse vehicles by the dates you want to rent and the location you want to pick up at.

You can book a scooter for same day pick-up, or schedule weeks in advance. We are constantly adding new scooters and new cities to expand our selection.

Sort by price or use our filters to find the perfect vehicle for you.

Check out the map to see scooters around your city.

Click 'More Info' on any scooter to see more pictures, information about the owner, detailed pricing information and availability, the type of key exchange, and extras included with the scooter such as a second helmet.

Every scooter is required to come with at least one helmet.

If not enough scooters match your search criteria, we'll show you some flexible options at the bottom of the screen.

Make a booking

Confirm the booking details such as price, dates and location.

Select your payment method or add a new one.

Confirm that you are legally capable to drive the scooter.

That's it! We will process your booking payment and you will receive an email confirming your rental.

Reminders and managing your booking

When you make a booking, check your email and make sure you got your confirmation.

You can check the booking details, message the owner, and cancel the booking from your My Rentals page.

One day before the booking begins, we will send you a reminder email about your upcoming rental.

Two hours before the booking begins, we will send another reminder email with a checklist of what to bring and how to start your rental.

Vehicle Pick-up

Starting your rental

Check your email

Two hours before your rental starts, we will send you an email with instructions of what to bring, where to find the vehicle, and how to start your rental.

For rentals with in-person key exchange

Use your My Rentals page to find the exact location of your scooter.

Use SKRT to contact the owner and coordinate the meet-up.

Once you meet the owner, use the My Rentals page to start the rental.

Check the condition of the scooter and document any existing damage

Ask the owner if there is any advice on how to operate the scooter.

Get the keys, put on your helmet, and enjoy your trip!


Don't forget to start the rental through SKRT. This is the time to document the condition of the scooter before you ride it. Photos of the vehicle are the only way we can support you in the case that the owner files a damage dispute.

For rentals with a lockbox

Use your My Rentals page to find the exact location and license plate of your scooter.

On the My Rentals page, you'll see a button to start the rental.

Document the condition of the scooter. Be as detailed as possible.

After you complete the process, we will display the code to open the lockbox.

Collect the keys, strap on your helmet, and enjoy your journey!

Change of plans

You can cancel your booking for free, up to 24 hours before it starts.

You can cancel your booking up to the time it starts for a small fee.

If you do not show up for the rental, then no refund will be given.

Sometimes, life happens and something will cause you to be late for the pick-up. Let the owner know through SKRT - so we have a record of the communication - and see if they can be flexible. Often times, the owner will be willing to accommodate you.

Problems during pick-up

If the scooter seems unsafe to ride, do not start the rental and instead open an Issue on the My Rentals page.

If the owner does not show up for the key exchange, open an Issue on the My Rentals page.

If the owner cancels your trip, we will inform you immediately and try to help you find a replacement vehicle.

During the rental

Things to keep in mind

Ride safely

Always wear a helmet. If you have a passenger, they need to wear a helmet too.

Avoid riding in bad weather, late at night, or when you're feeling tired.

Respect the vehicle. It belongs to someone else and they are trusting you to take care of it.

Obey traffic laws

If you aren't familiar with the traffic laws of where you are riding, brush up before you embark.

You are responsible for tickets and fines that you incur during the rental.

Riders who accrue multiple tickets may have their account temporarily suspended.

Report traffic tickets

If you do get a ticket, report it right away through SKRT to avoid any extra penalties.


Make sure you park legally in order to avoid tickets.

If you get a parking ticket, please pay for it yourself to avoid extra penalties. They're usually no big deal.

If you're not sure what a legal parking spot looks like, we have some information in our FAQ Page.


If you are involved in a traffic accident, first make sure everyone involved is physically okay. Call emergency services if needed.

As we outlined in our Guide to Scooter Insurance article, there are a few steps you must take:

Do not settle or negotiate with other parties at the scene.

Notify the owner and SKRT as soon as possible using the "Report Issue" button on your My Rentals page.


On the My Rentals page you will see a button to request Roadside Assistance.

If you are near the owner, they may offer to tow it for you.

If you are far away from the owner, contact SKRT and we will help you tow the vehicle and get to the nearest transportation hub.

If the vehicle can be repaired and you wish to continue your journey, you may do so.

If the vehicle is really broken and you are near a replacement vehicle and wish to continue your journey, we will arrange the swap.

If the vehicle cannot be fixed and you want to end the rental, we will refund you for the unused time. In some cases we may offer a full refund.

If a breakdown occurs and we request you to do anything that causes an out of pocket expense, we will reimburse you.

We strive to make you happy

We aren't a traditional rental company and what we're trying is a new concept here. By booking with us you are also trying something new - that's pretty cool.

If problems come up, let us know and we will do our best to offer you a reasonable solution.

Vehicle drop-off

Ending your rental

Check your email

We will send you a reminder two hours before your rental ends with instructions on how to return your vehicle. For longer rentals, we'll send an email the day before, too.

Information is also available on your My Rentals page

Check the fuel

Vehicles must be returned with at least the same amount of fuel as when the rental started.

Most of the time this will be a full tank.

Avoid fuel replacement fees by checking the fuel level before your rental ends.

For rentals with in-person key exchange

Coordinate with the owner where you will meet.

Show up at the designated time to avoid any late fees.

Use the "End Rental" button on the My Rentals page to officially stop the rental.

Check the condition of the scooter as you are dropping it off and document it on SKRT. If you don't submit pictures, you may be held liable for damages if the owner submits a claim.

Return the keys to the owner.

For rentals with a lockbox

Travel to the location where your rental is supposed to end.

Find a legal parking space within 500 meters. We recommend giving yourself a little extra time, in case parking is hard to find.

The parking place should be viable for at least 24 hours after the rental ends.

Using the "End Rental" button on the My Rentals page, begin the return process.

Use GPS to mark the location of your parking spot, and upload a picture of where it is parked to make it easier to find the vehicle.

Check the condition of the scooter and document it on SKRT. If you don't submit pictures, you may be held liable for damages if the owner submits a damage claim.

Place the keys back in the lockbox and secure it in the same place as when the rental started.

After the trip

At the end of your rental you'll be able to review the scooter and the owner, and they'll be able to rate you as a rider. They won't see your ratings or feedback until after they leave their own rating.

If the owner submits any damage claims or unpaid tickets, you may be asked to provide reimbursement. We'll use the pictures you submitted before and after the rental to help support you.

In the event of a reimbursement claim, our Claims team will contact you.

Additional Support

If you have any problems or are unsure about what to do, Contact Us and we'll be happy to assist you. That's what we're here for!