Where Do Vietnamese Eat Vietnamese Food in Taipei?

Written by Selene Truong on 12/15/2020

          As a Vietnamese person living in Taipei, I am always looking for authentic restaurants to enjoy “the flavor of home” that I constantly miss. Fortunately, Taiwan is host to a large Vietnamese community, and I have had good luck finding some truly authentic restaurants. Today it is my pleasure to share some of the best spots I have tried so far with you. If you are a fan of Vietnamese cuisine, do not miss out on these 100% Vietnamese approved restaurants!

1.  Huong Vi Viet

Location: B1, No.120和平西路三段萬華區台北市108

Opening hours: 10:30AM - 8:30PM

Located right at MRT Longshan Temple station, Huong Vi Viet is super easy to find. I love how this restaurant is aesthetically decorated with traditional Vietnamese furniture, giving it a unique and authentic vibe. Huong Vi Viet offers you the widest range of dishes, ranging from appetizers to main courses and even Vietnamese style hotpots! I was taken aback by the diversity of their menu, since there are even some local side dishes that I have not found anywhere else throughout Taiwan. It will take you quite a lot of time to decide what you would like to eat, but believe me, no matter which dish you go for, it is going to be super delicious and satisfying. Apart from the noodles, rice and banh mi, I highly recommend Bun Dau Mam Tom (rice noodles with various toppings dipped in fermented shrimp paste). Shrimp paste is quite smelly but you must try it, this is a quintessential local flavor in Vietnamese food – pungent yet addictive. And remember to order Vietnamese coffee, you do not want to miss this heavenly drink!

2.  三姐妹廚房 3Ả KITCHEN 越式料理

Location: 241 新北市三重區龍門路153號

Opening hours: 11AM – 9PM

Founded by 3 Northern Vietnamese ladies, this restaurant brings a very Northern vibe to their dishes – meaty, balanced and lightly spiced. Since the owners all come from Hai Phong (the second largest seaport in Vietnam and famous for seafood), I highly recommend the local Banh Da Cua. The noodles served in this dish are made of flour and colored with a dark caramel made from brown sugar, which are completely different from any kind of noodles you have ever eaten before! You will find this steaming bowl traditionally served with beef wrapped in betel leaves, fried mini fish cakes, crab dumplings and morning glory. Hands down the best Banh Da Cua spot in Taiwan! Moreover, Banh Mi Que is worth trying as it is also a specialty of Hai Phong. This mini Banh Mi is super crunchy on the outside and stuffed with Vietnamese style pâté on the inside, giving it a basic yet unforgettable flavor. And if you crave something sweet, please give Sua Chua Nep Cam (Black Sticky Rice Yogurt) a try!


3.  Hà Nội Pho – Vietnam Restaurant

Location: 永和區保平路49號 (Not on Google Maps)

Opening hours: 11AM – 10PM

If you have already visited Vietnam and tried the famous Pho at Pho Thin restaurant in Hanoi, this place is definitely a must-try. As soon as I tried the very first spoon of the broth, I knew this was the gem I have been looking for. Pho is packed with flavorful, savory bone broth, tasty silky rice noodles, juicy and tender beef, and fresh Vietnamese herbs to balance and enhance the flavor. Beside the original flavor, you can go for some other options, such as Beef Shank Pho, Beef Ball Pho, Chicken Pho or Bun Bo Hue and Bun Cha Nem. All of the recipes come from months of research and trials by the owner, a Northern Vietnamese lady who passionately spent a lot of effort on recreating and bringing the most authentic taste to customers. She is truly keen on the traditional cuisine and yes, she totally nailed it! It really reminds me of the food I grew up eating in Vietnam and I cannot wait to share this hidden gem with you.


4.  MuViet

Location: various branches in Taipei.

Opening hours: 11:30AM – 2:30PM, 5:30PM – 10PM

Last but certainly not least, Mu Viet is the best choice if you opt for fancier spot. Mu Viet has made their reputation for not only their outstanding service and ambiance, but also their appetizing Vietnamese-French fusion dishes. Not the cheapest option in town, but it is undeniable that their cuisine is worth every yuan you spend – thoroughly packed with bold flavors and creatively aesthetic decor. If you are new and confused about what should be ordered, they have a recommended menu where you can't go wrong. I highly recommend the Spring Rolls (which are served with the insanely delish Nuoc Mam), Caramel Claypot Pork, French style Pho and Vietnamese style Hotpot! In short, MuViet is undoubtedly a perfect place for group gatherings or a special dinner. If you plan to visit them on a holiday or a weekend, a reservation is recommended to save you time.


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