The Best Ji Pai in Taiwan is in a Back Alley of Yonghe and Only Costs $50NT

Written by Elliot A on 06/16/2020

If you haven’t gotten lost in the alleys of Yonghe, maybe you haven’t lived that Taiwan realness, that OG experience which can't be found under the shadow of the 101 or featured in the pristine shopping districts of Dong Qu. No, this isn’t Devil or Angel or whatever Ji Pai that you can find in damn near every night market or tourist map. This place is so trill that the name evades me cause the characters have been scraped off the front of this tiny cart in the heart of Taiwan’s most densely populated neighborhood.

The permanent line is a good sign.

I had noticed this spot when I’d turn right on Bao Ping Lu and scootered past to visit a friend who lived down the street. Every time, without fail, the line crept out of the narrow alley and spilled onto the street corner. What was so good about this place? Looks just like your average fried things cart that you can find just about anywhere, open late and always there to comfort you when you need a snack. But why the line? I had to stop, I had to see for myself.

Do not mistake this as an ordinary fry cart

While waiting in line I saw the unfrozen, well marinated Ji Pai getting scooped out of the cooler, lightly breaded and bathed in a boiling bath of liquid gold. I had to get the Ji Pai IN MY BELLY! and with a side of fries. The total came out to $75NT with fries.

What makes this Ji Pai special?