Taiwan’s Entrepreneur Visa: Asias Best Kept Secret For Tech Startups & Digital Nomads.

Written by J. Harvey Lewis on 12/30/2020

Before We Begin:

Why Taiwan?

Who is the entrepreneur visa for?

How Much Does an Entrepreneur Visa Cost?

How Difficult Is The Entrepreneur Visa To Obtain?

Where to Apply?

Applying from Outside of Taiwan:

After you’re done with quarantine, grab a SKRT and check out Taiwan Expo Farmers Market Near CIT!

Applying From Within Taiwan:

Will I Be Placed Under Quarantine Upon Arrival?

Can I Use a Visitor Visa to Get an Entrepreneur Visa After Arriving in Taiwan?

Documentation Requirements For Visa:

Who needs these?

Documents Required

After you are here…

Documents needed to get into a co-working space

Eligibility: How Can Your Business Qualify?

Basic Requirements (must meet at least one)

Getting Into An Approved Incubator / Co-working Space

Are there better options?

Transferring from another type of Taiwan Resident Visa.

Other Considerations

Good Luck!

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