Journey to Water Buffalo Valley

Written by Andrew Haimerl on 06/23/2020

LINKOU DISTRICT —​​​​​​​ This grazing area for water buffalo made for the perfect Sunday scooter trip.  I had a blast climbing the rugged mounds and watching the cows graze in front of an ocean backdrop.

Getting here from Taipei requires crossing the big bridge in GuanDu and passing through Bali District.  Once you’re on the other side of GuanYin Mountain and you see huge wind turbines on the left and the ocean on the right you’ll know you’re there.

On the top right of this photo you can see the driveway leading to the valley here and the turbines in the distance.

You have to pass the place up and then make a U-turn to get on the other side of the road that leads to the driveway.  Once inside just park wherever other scooters are parked and begin to explore!

I'm not sure if this land is private or public.  In Taiwan that doesn’t seem to matter too much if the general public decides a place is fun to wander..  There was a for sale sign nearby so I’m pretty sure it's private, yet tons of locals wandered around at will.

I’ve been here multiple times and each visit I’ve seen different people using this spot in different ways.  The first time I came it was being used as an off-road vehicle track.  The next time the taiwanese military was drilling here, and this time I saw a group of art students working on a film photography project. 

As I made my way back around the farmer was herding the cattle back to the farm.  This allotted a chance for more up close photos.  The cows reminded me of factory workers at the end of a shift.

Given the unique landscape and presence of cows right next to the ocean I’d say this is a spot pretty much anybody can enjoy.  It’s the perfect scooter adventure as it’s a bit on the outskirts, yet close enough to the city to still get back in time for evening plans.

Address: 244, New Taipei City, Linkou District, 西部濱海公路625號
Address: 244新北市林口區西部濱海公路625號
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