How to Extend Your Taiwan ARC up to 1 Year

Written by Elliot A on 06/03/2020

You can extend your ARC in Taiwan by 1 year. Even without working another day.

Yes, you read that right. Hate your boss? Wanna quit your job? Is your contract coming to an end? Afraid of losing that precious ARC?

You don't have to worry. I've been asked about this a lot and have personally gone through this process. It would have been helpful for me if someone just told me this a long time ago.

You don't have to say goodbye to this

Here are the things that you, a foreign professional, need to extend your ARC for 6 months:

  1. Get a copy of your employment contract

  2. Get a signed and stamped letter of resignation from your employer

  3. Your current ARC

  4. Your passport 

  5. 2” x 2” photo

  6. Fill out the ARC extension form found at the Immigration Agency

Go to your local National Immigration Agency office with this documentation to extend your ARC for 6 months. You will be given 6 months to find another job.

What happens if you don’t find a job in those 6 months? Well, how about another 6 months to find a job? Cause that is what’s coming your way.

Add that up and we have a total of 12 months of job seeking.

Why leave this awesome country if you don't have to?

Are you stressed out about health insurance? Fret not, your health insurance will still be valid during this period.

The only drawback to this process is that you can no longer legally work using your current ARC - you'll need to re-apply using your next contract once you find work again.

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