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Written by Elliot A on 07/30/2020

The city grind got you down? Need some green in your life? Wanna bathe in the pure mountain waters, filtered by glorious, mammoth rocks? You’re in luck! In this article we will cover how to get all of the above in an hour or less from Taipei by way of scooter. 

At a glance
Scooter travel time: About 1 hour each way from Taipei
Hike difficulty: Easy, 20 minutes
Reward: River tracing and natural water slide!

Wulai is a tourist spot that offers city slickers and tourists alike a chance to escape the city. But! Wulai is no secret, it’s often crowded, buses are everywhere dropping people off, the traffic on the way home is usually a jam-packed-wait-fest-bummer. This is why we love scooters! Traffic jams don’t apply!

About a 10-15 minute drive away from the crowds and buses, a natural water slide awaits you, this is how you get there. 

Type in the GPS location into google maps:

24.88441, 121.53876

When you see this bridge, that means you are getting warmer! Keep going! 

Cross the bridge

Once you arrive you will see a small space with other scooters and cars parked, next to a small bridge and river.

Park Here

Look for the rusted out sign

Look just a bit closer and you will see the start of the Jiajiuliao Trail. 

Beginning of the trail

A little light exercise before your swim

Yes, you're still going the right way!

GPS location of the water slide: (from parking lot to waterslide, route pictured below)

24.87771, 121.5287

Once you are on the trail, keep walking for another 20 minutes or so until the trail turns into the river. 

You will need to trek inside of the river in order to reach the water slide but it's fuuuun!


From the top of the small water slide

After you pass the small water slide, you'll be greeted by the main attraction of this hike!

In total the trip takes about one hour of driving from Taipei, plus 20 minutes walking, plus however long you want to hang out and enjoy the river.

GPS of the trailhead: 24.88441, 121.53876

Enjoy! Stay posted for more fun day-trip ideas in the Taipei area, and be sure to follow us on IG @skrtscootersharing

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