What To Do in Taipei City - Day 1

Written by Elliot A on 02/16/2021

Taipei is THE hidden gem of Asian Metropolitan Hubs. What follows is a Taipei day trip itinerary that hits all the best spots from a local’s perspective . Find out why they call Taiwan the “Heart of Asia” with this Day Trip Taipei travel itinerary.

Day 1 Summary
What you’ll see:
The Birthplace of Soy Milk
CKS Memorial Hall, monuments and gardens fit for a King
The Changing of the guard
Fountains at Peace Park
Incredible Views at Fujhoushan Mountain
City meets jungle at Fuyang Park
Food explosion at Tonghua Night Market
A cowboy Inspired dive bar
A Great Gatsby Themed Bar
Lasers and Smoke Machines

What you’ll do:
Dig in at the Night-market
Admire Architecture
Visit Stunning Temples
Scale a Mountain
Take in the Cityscape at elevation  
Explore the Nightlife

What you’ll eat:
Breakfast - Traditional Soy Milk breakfast in Yonghe
Lunch - Sushi at Main Station
Dinner - Duck at Tong Hua Night-market
Drinks - Mixers at KOR and Draftland

What your transport options are:
MRT- The metro rapid transit system is handy and convenient.
Youbike- Available outside of MRT stations. Sign up at the kiosk located next to the bicycle stations.
SKRT- Rent a scooter and have no limits on what, where and when you can explore.

Map of the entire itinerary

9:00 AM - Wake up, shower, brush your teeth, and hit the MRT!

About the MRT:
Taiwan is home to one of the world’s cleanest transit systems. Eating and drinking on the MRT is strictly forbidden, go figure! You can purchase a “yo yo card” for MRT access from the teller located at the entrances of the barriers to go into the station. Now that you have your card, you can “top up” with cash and swipe at the gates for easy entry into the train platform. The "yo yo card" is your key to the city and can be used in tons of other places, such as 7-eleven, Youbike, and even some restaurants!

10:00 AM - World Soybean Milk Magnate

Google Maps Link

About the spot:
Ask any Taiwanese person in the world where the best soy milk comes from, and they will say “Yonghe!”. Needless to say, this restaurant is a must-try for any traveler in Taiwan. Expect extremely fast service and a cinematic restaurant experience. And don’t forget, it's open 24 hours, a rarity for eats in Taipei.

What to try?
-Flakey bread with egg, onion, beef - 牛肉燒餅 (Niu Rou Shao Bing)
-Soy Milk - 豆漿 (Dou Jiang)
-For more adventurous eaters, try the salty soy milk soup. - 鹹豆漿 (Xian Dou Jiang)
-Coconut layer cake.

Is it expensive?
Not at all. One person can eat for as little as $3 USD!

10:40 AM - Yonghe Baofu Temple

Google Maps Link

About the spot:
Baofu Temple is an extremely Instagram-able destination, with blocks that seem to stack to the clouds! This is a hidden gem still unknown amongst tourist, so aside from the local patrons, expect to have this place all to yourself (at just a brisk walk from the breakfast eats). Around 11:20AM you'll want to head back to Dingxi MRT and on to CKS.

11:40 AM - CKS Memorial Hall

Google Maps Link

Admire the National Concert Hall (Map)

About the spot:
This grand hall is a mixture of performing arts, history, gardens and monument to Chiang Kai-Shek.

The red detailed buildings are part museum, part opera hall used for performing arts. If you visit at night you can find local high school students practicing dance on its balcony.

Local tip- Walk to the area precisely between the two red buildings and clap your hands (but put some muscle into it) to hear a special ping!

The elevated white building with the steps leading up to a monument to CKS is where the changing of the guard takes place.

Changing of the guard happens daily, on the hour, between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

12:25 PM - A 15 minute stroll to Peace Park.

On the way, don’t miss the President Hall Plaza; it is a historical building where the President works. It was built under Japanese Rule, designed by architect Uheiji Nagano (Map).

12:40 PM - Peace Park

Google Maps Link

About the spot:
This beautiful park has fountains, museums, and pagodas, and a sobering monument to Taiwan's period of martial law.

What to expect:
Learn a bit about Taiwan's history, and be inspired by the will of the people and dedication to peaceful government progress. Enjoy the confluence of modern art and zen vibes, listen to the sounds of rushing water, and forget that you're still in the middle of the city!

Be sure to check out the National Taiwan Museum during your stroll (Map).

Work up an appetite on the brisk 10-15 minute walk to our lunch destination.

1:30 PM - Time for Lunch! Kurasushi

Google Maps Link

About the spot:
Experience conveyor belt sushi at this Japanese restaurant's flagship store.

What to try?
With every kind of sushi your heart could desire coming straight to your table, it's hard to choose one (and you shouldn’t!). Try them all but don’t sleep on the French Toast and Vanilla ice cream dessert that is surprisingly delicious!

Is it expensive?
Expect to pay between $10-$20 USD depending on how big your appetite is. The quality-to-price ratio here is really hard to beat, with fresh fish at a low cost.

Whats next? A city hike with a gorgeous view!

2:30 - 3:00 PM - Transit time

Main Station to Fuyang Eco Park (Lingguang MRT Brown Line)

You’ll look to make a transfer from the Red line to Brown Line at Daan MRT Station.

3:00 PM - Fu Yang Eco Park

Map of the Entrance
Map of the Peak

What to expect:
Feel like you have stumbled across a hidden jungle and hike the lesser known (and therefore less crowded) Fuyang Eco Park for a breathtaking view of the City. Expect lots of greenery, tree cover and trails leading up to spectacular views.

Whats next? I think we need a rest, get hydrated and cleaned up for some night time festivities.

5:00 - 6:30 PM - Rest time.

Whats next? Dinner time!

7:00 PM - Travel to Xinyi Anhe MRT (Red line) - Tong Hua Night Market

Google Maps Link

About the spot:
Tong Hua Night Market is situated in an area of the city that has a plethora of restaurant options, but nothing beats the classic feel of strolling though the night market and snacking on everything in sight. What will they come up with next? There are always interesting stalls popping up at the night market.

Try a little bit of it all but if you do need a recommendation, look no further than 羊角 火雞肉飯 (Map)!

What to try?
The duck and rice bowl has everything you need; Immaculate duck, braised egg, pickled and fresh vegetables and glowing white rice.

For duck lovers, get an extra plate of duck meat. Trust me, this is the time to order more duck! It’s too delicious.

Is it expensive?
Not at all. You're looking at $3-$10 USD for a 5 star meal.

Whats next? A short walk away from the night-market, the night life starts to take shape.

9:00 PM - Drinks at “Wyatt's”

Google Maps Link

About the spot:
Wyatt's is a cowboy themed bar that is nestled in the back streets of a quiet neighborhood. Expect candles, red, cowboy hats and a yeehaw atmosphere.

What to try?
You should ask Wyatt! Host, bartender and boss, Wyatt always has a creative cocktail that he’s ready to recommend. He has an extensive collection of rum.

Whats next? You guessed it, an enjoyable walk through the city to our next destination.

10:30 PM - Drinks at “Draft Land”

Google Maps Link

About the spot:
Expect a young crowd and sleek bartenders outfitted in lab coats pouring you samples of their seemingly endless cocktail concoctions straight from the tap.

What to try?
Ever been to an ice cream shop and couldn't decide what to get? Same thing here - all the flavors are at your disposal and available to try in tiny shot glasses

Whats next? An extremely short walk to a bit more turned up of a spot.

12:00 AM - Drinks (and perhaps some dancing) at “KOR”

Google Maps Link

About the spot:
This seemingly Great Gatsby themed operation gives that grand feel of being at an opera with gold tones and stadium seating. The drinks are well made and the DJs are surprisingly apt at spinning popular hip hop records (especially on the weekends).

What to expect:
Business-casual meets fun at a place where Taipei’s finest go to let loose and potentially rub elbows with local celebrities. Weekdays are less busy, suitable for chatting with friends, but expect larger crowds and (some) dancing on the weekends.

Whats next? A very turned up night life establishment located in the same building.

3:00 AM - Entertainment at OMNI

Google Maps Link

About the spot:
Before 3AM expect to pay around $30USD to enter, but after 3AM you are free to roam the land of lasers, smoke machines, EDM bangers, giant LED screens and an army of tables, bottle service, and dancers delivering Champagne. Welcome to the East Asian club experience!

What to expect:
A very young, EDM loving crowd. An extremely Instagram-able light display and bougie atmosphere. It is extremely loud in here, so forget trying to talk and instead just enjoy the music.

Whats next? Oh you still want to do more?! That's a wrap for the first series of Day Trippin’! Stay tuned to the SKRT blog for more day trip itineraries.

Get the entire itinerary all in one map here.

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